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Fit for the future: Children enthusiastic about learning

Who doesn't want their kids to have fun learning new things?

But who said learning shouldn't be fun? But on the contrary!

There is nothing that brings us more joy as human beings than realizing that we are evolving and making progress - no matter what area of life. And you only make progress if you learn something new and thus acquire new skills.

Children are naturally eager to learn. Most often, however, they lose this enthusiasm when they suddenly become afraid of making mistakes or when they are unable to pursue their natural inclinations and interests . This can also happen when children are not exposed to a variety of different activities and experiences in which they are free to experiment.

For Schmetterline, playing and learning belong together. Play isn't a pastime, it's how children interact with the world and learn the skills they need to lead happy and fulfilling lives. With selected games and toys - as well as through boredom and free play - children can be optimally encouraged.

The enthusiasm to learn, the positive handling of mistakes and the courage to always try something new are always in the foreground for us when developing our toys and ideas!

Here are the game ideas that promote enthusiasm for learning

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