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ENDLESS: Our sustainability model

What do you do when a toy has had its day?

As mothers, we have often observed that even the most innovative, most beautiful, best thought-out game eventually stays in the cabinet and is not used as much.

What if, right now, you could pass this game on to other needy children who might not be able to afford a new one themselves?

And how about getting a subsidy for a whole new, different game?

A sustainable toy brand

Nature, the environment and the development of children are very important to us.

That's why we not only develop toys with natural materials that promote very specific skills , we also think the cycle through to the end: What happens to the toys after the children no longer play with them? Who else could they be of use to? How can we as a toy brand be even more sustainable?

And above all: How can we support the development of children all over the world?

This is how our ENDLESS project came about!

This is how the ENDLESS model works

Frequently asked questions

How well preserved does the game have to be so that we can participate in the ENDLESS project?

It's best if you think about your own children: would you still give it to them to play with?

It is important that there is no risk of injury or that nothing is broken. If a small part is missing, that's no problem, because our partner schools have spare parts from us.

Can I also send a "foreign" toy to Schmetterline to be passed on and receive a voucher?

We currently only accept used Schmetterline toys.

What do I do if I no longer have our game's box?

That's no problem and you can still return your game in a suitable, not too big box that protects the game somewhat - after all, it should arrive in good condition.

How does the return work?

It's very easy: You send the game to our warehouse in Germany, packaged securely for transport.

There your game will be packed into a larger box, which we regularly send to Kenya and other countries.

If you wish to return your game, please click here for more information!