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Skills that our products promote

Fit for the future

How our games and game ideas encourage and strengthen children


By activating the connection between the two halves of the brain, creativity and the ability to solve problems arise.

Our toys are developed in such a way that both hemispheres of the brain are activated and problems are solved independently.

Games for even more creativity

Emotional intelligence

Children can learn to recognize emotions and influence their emotional state through their choices.

Our toys encourage children to make decisions and thus influence their own emotional state.

Games for even more emotional intelligence

Enthusiasm for learning

Learning while having fun and experiencing that it fills us with joy is a fundamental characteristic of a socially committed person.

Our toys and play ideas prioritize the joy and fun of playing and learning at the same time!

Games for even more enthusiasm for learning

Logical thinking

Thinking logically means using what you have observed and linking it with one another.

Our toys encourage logical thinking by making connections between colours, shapes and notes.

Games for even more logical thinking

Language skills

Being able to express yourself and communicate with others is an important social skill.

Making music, creating your own stories, inventing your own lyrics and singing expand pronunciation, rhythm and language skills in general.

Games that make you linguistically fit


Physically active children also have good gross and fine motor skills, a good balance system and are good at assessing themselves.

We incorporate physical activity and motor skills-enhancing games into our game ideas: what children love!

Games for even more activity


Concentration and attention to what matters is a fundamental skill in a world of sensory overload.

Our toys encourage you to focus on sounds, lyrics, rhythms and melodies and stick with them - because it's fun!

Games for even more focus


Confident children are not afraid of making mistakes. They know they learn from mistakes.

In our game ideas, the focus is on the fact that every child has their own strengths and talents and that mistakes are part of learning.

Games for even more confidence