Zwei Zeiten

Two Times

9 days left until New Year's Day, 2 days left until Christmas Eve, 365 days until next year is over, just a few hours until this day ends. . What d...

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Vater Sein

Being a father

To all sincere fathers, Recently, a very attentive father pointed out to us that he also feels very much attracted by our lovingly thought-out...

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Freies Spielen

Free play

Stressed kids? Free play is the best solution for this. That can really relax! When developing our products, we attach great importance to free pla...

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Emotionale Intelligenz bei Kindern fördern

Promote emotional intelligence in children

Can children learn about emotions and mindset at a very early age? Yes, in any case! This is what Willi's story is intended for.

Willi is a child who experiences the same things as all children every day: playing, learning, building towers, going to bed... But depending on how he feels, he sees things very differently.

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Wie kann man mit Kindern die Woche planen? - SCHMETTERLINE

How to plan the week with children?

Hello moms! Do you also have difficulties planning the week with your children? Do you always have to negotiate with them when they can watch TV or play with the tablet?

We know that! To solve this problem, we have developed a great idea that we would like to share with you: This DIY weekly calendar!

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Wie können Kinder lernen, im Gleichgewicht zu bleiben? - SCHMETTERLINE

How can children learn to stay balanced?

I often ask myself: How do I manage to keep my balance in order to be a role model for my children that I want them to emulate - because children are known to imitate what they see more than what what to tell them.

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