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Wie Musik unseren emotionalen Zustand beeinflusst - SCHMETTERLINE

How music affects our emotional state

How music affects our emotional state

We can't always be in a good mood. Or can we?

But what influences us? And how can you influence emotional states?

One of many influencing factors is music. The vibration of music profoundly affects our emotional state.

Try staying in a bad mood while listening to intense feel-good music.

Of course, the perception of what good mood music is different.

But it's not just the music, but the interplay of vibrations, melodies and lyrics that makes it so special. Vibrations, melodies and lyrics work together to affect the emotional state. And rhythms can be used to subconsciously convey good or bad messages.

For this reason, child-friendly musical instruments and lyrics for more self-confidence, strength and mindfulness play an important role in the development of our children.


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