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Tolles neues Rhythmusset! - SCHMETTERLINE

Great new rhythm set!

Great new rhythm set!

Yay!! Our new rhythm set is here!!

This rhythm set combines great rattle elements, castanets and a tambourine with a xylophone. Why?

Because we noticed that early musical education works well when you can slowly improve and create melodies for the rhythms.

Especially if you make music with friends or family! There is something for everyone in this set!

In the enclosed song book you will find great well-known and new children's songs, some of which were selected and some of which were written by us!

With the focus on a holistic and valuable education, we gave it a lot of thought, also together with holistic educators and educators, and these new and beautiful songs came out of it.

We look forward to hearing from you how they go down with you!

As an introductory offer, we are currently offering you a special price of -15%. Click here for the offer!

All the best,
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