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Notenlernen und das Selbstvertrauen stärken - SCHMETTERLINE

Learning notes and boosting self-confidence

Learning notes and boosting self-confidence

Valuable learning of notes - with play and creativity

Children learn notes happily when they can play songs they know themselves and even themselves invent songs and be able to write.

That's exactly what our mit lot is for love and care designed song book. The notes are in exactly the same colors like the corresponding sound plates printed on the glockenspiel: That's how it is learning notes and playing songs really child's play and colorful!

The song book contains not only 8 well-known ones German children's songs, but also 7 new , pedagogically particularly valuable songs with valuable lyrics.

Either these songs with the nature to do or with everyday activities and games that children do themselves love !

Some of the songs also promote self-confidence, inner strength and self-confidence - such as the song " The hero in me ":

You can find this and many other children's songs in our songbooks that accompany our musical instrument sets .
You will also receive the song book as an e-book if you register for our parents' letter!
We wish a lot joy in making music, singing and having fun!
All the best,
Schmetterline Team

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