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Ein Buch zur Förderung der emotionalen Intelligenz - SCHMETTERLINE

A book to promote emotional intelligence

A book to promote emotional intelligence

Teach children the power of emotions

Real moments of happiness that are remembered can sometimes be everyday situations where we take the time and talk to our children about issues that are important to them and to us.

Topics that you won't find in textbooks, but that affect the lives of all of us.

One of these topics is certainly emotional states, how we deal with them, how we recognize them and what we do with them.

In order to evoke exactly such moments, we have written a book to read aloud with a lot of love, time, energy and dedication, which has even been printed in the meantime!

Soon, very soon, it will be available to all and hopefully create many such important moments of conversation and awareness.

We are excited and very grateful for the opportunity to do something so great!

All the best,
Annette and Vanessa (authors of the book)

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