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Children need role models

Children need role models

Role models... don't always have to be adults!

Older siblings, friends and other close, often older children can also become important role models!

We all have and need role models to emulate and learn from.

Often, role models also serve to make us realize that something difficult is possible!

When we see something we want to do in others, it helps us think: It's possible! I can do that too!

Whether we realize it or not, we are always imitating someone.

Our role models are mostly people who surrounded us until we were 7 years old.

We don't actively choose most of them, as is possible later as adults.

In a situation we often behave like our own father or mother and ask ourselves: Why am I reacting this way?

Becoming aware of certain behaviors is the first step to adopting or changing them.

And to be thankful for what we "received" and what is useful to us today.

As parents and educators, we are role models for children who will be imitated whether we want it or not.

But how can we set an example that is worth imitating?

Like finding ways to achieve a goal instead of finding reasons why we can't achieve it?


If we keep finding reasons why we can't reach a goal again and again, that's exactly what is imitated.

So how can we teach children that they are responsible for what they set out to do, to the extent that is within their means? And how they can find different ways to achieve their goals?

The first prerequisite is certainly that we also allow other paths than the ones we imagined as parents.

And that children are also open to different paths if things don't work out the way they try at first.

Bringing openness is certainly a first requirement. A second is staying tuned.

Don't give up if something doesn't work. Exemplifying that mistakes and different outcomes are part of the journey.

And just an invitation to try again differently. And stick to the goal.

If we live these two requirements, then we have laid an important foundation for the adult of tomorrow.

For an adult who doesn't justify himself, but tries again and again until he gets closer to his goal and eventually achieves it... in different ways!

If we, as role models, are able to make a good decision, then not only do we benefit from it, but also everyone around us.

For us, gratitude, joy, enthusiasm, courage are all part of happiness, which doubles when you share it with others.

If we decide to have such emotions and set an example for others, we make an important contribution to the adults of tomorrow.


All the best,



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