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"Ich will da nicht mehr hin" - SCHMETTERLINE

"I don't want to go there anymore"

"I don't want to go there anymore"

Who knows the situation: Our son or daughter starts something, goes there a couple of times and then doesn't want to go anymore.

Keeping your focus and sticking to one thing, even if you don't feel like it from time to time, is often not easy - even we adults usually practice it.

How can you prepare children for this?

A little practical experience:

After a few weeks my son had no desire to go to tennis lessons - which he had chosen himself, tried and then decided to take.

In the past, as a mother, I might have said: "Okay, then I won't go there anymore", but today I think differently.

I think it's part of doing something you don't feel like doing, especially if it's something you've set yourself as a goal.

Of course, I was attentive to what was happening in the tennis lesson, staying there from a distance to observe and hear how the tennis teachers treated the children and what the dynamics of the tennis lesson were.

I saw very clearly how much my son was enjoying himself and learning. So there was nothing to worry about.

When the tennis lesson was over, I asked him if it was fun and if he wanted to come back next time, to which he answered very spontaneously: "Of course!"

Two days later, however, this impression was forgotten and when we went back to tennis lessons, the same situation repeated itself: "I don't want to go there."

Being able to remind him how much he liked it the last time he had made up his mind to go back helped him pull himself together and swap the beloved Legos for the tennis racquet for an hour.

We repeated this over and over again until he managed to remind himself of it and so he managed to play tennis all year and made great progress.

Who was most proud of that at the end of the year was himself. And certainly more important than what he learned to play tennis is the strength he gained from sticking to what he set out to do .

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