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"Mama, ich kann nicht mehr" - SCHMETTERLINE

"Mom, I can't take it anymore"

"Mom, I can't take it anymore"

Patience usually pays off. Those who keep their focus the longest will eventually reach their goal.

But sometimes we just don't have it.

What to do if the path looks longer than it is? Or you can't even estimate it because you're still at the very beginning?

Of course, the further you progress on it, the more entertaining the path becomes at some point.

After all, there are always new challenges that can be solved, beautiful things that can be observed and enjoyed and funny things that can be laughed at together.

And those who were perhaps faster in the beginning but give up after a short time are just as unattractive as those who run particularly well or push themselves completely and also give up before they reach their goal.

And suddenly the impossible seems even a little bit more possible.

How often do we ask ourselves: is this possible? Or impossible?

In many situations, this does not depend on external circumstances, but on the determination and the mental, inner state of the person who assesses this.

What is possible for some is impossible for many others.

Many things were impossible for a long time until someone finally made them possible.

What did this person have that everyone else didn't have?

Determination is certainly one of those qualities, not giving up when something seems impossible or very, very difficult.

Especially not giving up when it seems difficult or impossible, but you are not yet where you want to be - that is a quality that is so important for children to prepare them well for the future - their own Mastering life, but also being able to advance achievements for humanity.

And for this it is certainly useful that they are sometimes exposed to difficult situations and solve them themselves.

This not only gives them the confidence to be able to master difficult, even seemingly impossible situations, but they also get used to wanting to achieve the impossible.


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