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Haben unsere Freunde einen Einfluss auf unser Leben? - SCHMETTERLINE

Do our friends have an impact on our lives?

Do our friends have an impact on our lives?

Everything is a lot more fun with good friends and some things are easier or just run better, right?
Why is that?
And what drives us to choose certain friends to spend more time with and share more of our lives with?
Do our friends have an impact on our lives?
We think the people you surround yourself with say a lot about you. Our environment shapes us and that is why it is so important which friends we surround ourselves with.
Children are also often selective when it comes to making friends and know very well who they like to play with the most.
Later as a teenager, the circle of friends has an even greater influence and determines what experiences we experience during this time.
So how consciously do we choose our friends and what criteria do we use? Intuition? Reason? gut feeling? Rationality?
Incidentally, as the owners of Schmetterline, we also have a very long-standing friendship that has accompanied us for many years - long before SCHMETTERLINE was created.
And what could be nicer than bringing a unique project forward, implementing it and bringing it to life with a friend?
Not only are we very grateful for this friendship, we have also learned to appreciate and nurture it - through respect, mindfulness, tolerance and generosity. This also means that sometimes you iron out the other person's mistakes and support them, or that at certain times you do more than what you originally planned for yourself. You never know when it will even out and the more you give, the more you get back!

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