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How do you deal with mistakes?

How do you deal with mistakes?

Mistakes are the most natural way to learn and grow. But how do we deal with our mistakes?

Who doesn't want their children to reach their highest potential and create a happy and free future for themselves?

But what does that have to do with the bugs?

Mistakes are the most natural way
to learn and grow. They are part of every learning process. But while that sounds obvious and logical, most of us don't deal with mistakes easily. But why is it like that?

Our current culture is built largely on fear, guilt, and punishment . Mistakes are perceived as very negative, and those who make mistakes should be ashamed.

Take a look inside yourself. How often do you not do something because you are afraid of making mistakes ?

How often are you very strict with yourself and feel bad because you made a mistake?

Do you feel and think that this attitude in any way prevents you from developing yourself and learning something new?

And if your child makes a mistake, what is your reaction? Is it an attitude that promotes learning, or does it create fear and guilt in the child?

As parents, we will certainly make many mistakes when raising our children - that's part of it! But even in this case we should not feel bad and guilty. It is in our hands to constantly learn from the mistakes and to be a little better every day than the day before.


All the best,
Your team from Schmetterline 

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