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Bildung und Entwicklung unserer Kinder - SCHMETTERLINE

Education and development of our children

Education and development of our children

There is probably nothing more important in the world than the education and development of our children, however, often due to lack of time, interest, fear or convenience, we delegate the most important task we have to third parties: grandparents, teachers, coaches, etc..

At Schmetterline, we believe that we, parents, are the primary contributors to our children's development and the ones who should be most committed to their future. What could be more important?

That's why we devote ourselves with passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the development and promotion of thoughtful toys and instruments for playing, learning, developing and growing - as strong, healthy and happy children.

We believe and trust that as parents, we are the main players and the biggest influencers in our children's lives. That's why we put a lot of time and effort into evolving to show them the best version of ourselves. In any case, we are their most important references and through imitation they learn to live with high confidence and security, with a purpose in life and a big smile on their faces.

If we are not committed to the development and future of our children, no one else will.


All the best,

Your team from Schmetterline

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