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Wie fördern wir ein gesundes Selbstwertgefühl bei unseren Kindern? - SCHMETTERLINE

How do we foster healthy self-esteem in our children?

How do we foster healthy self-esteem in our children?

Children with healthy self-esteem will achieve anything they set out to do in life

What is the key to a happy and contented life?

How do you create your own happiness?

Most parents ask themselves these questions again and again, because we play a central role in the development of our children. It is our responsibility to foster self- confidence within our children - and thus a healthy self-esteem .

But how do you do that?

A big mistake many parents make is identifying their children with their thoughts. For example, if a child is told “You're just lazy” often enough, the child will eventually believe it. So the child identifies with the thought, which causes a mental state of indolence and lack of willpower. But the problem is that the child does not learn that it can actually free itself from this thought .

What we believe about ourselves is very powerful and can determine our entire lives.

What can a child achieve in life if they believe they are intrinsically lazy?

There are many positive alternatives to the usual "You're just lazy".

One possibility would be, for example: "I see that you don't feel like doing this task right now. But I know that you feel like doing everything that you like to do and that you enjoy doing. How can you manage to do this task with joy take care of?"

In the beginning it can be difficult for us to think and act differently than we are used to. But over time, we parents will find it easier and easier to use positive rather than negative language with our children.

At the same time, teaching children that thoughts exist and how they affect us would empower them to control their inner state by choosing better thoughts. So they could be freer.

In this way, children recognize their own inner worth and feel capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.


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