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In der Disziplin liegt die Kraft - SCHMETTERLINE

There is power in discipline

There is power in discipline

There are thousands of hours of training behind every goal scored by a top soccer player.

Behind every smooth and precise movement of an outstanding prima ballerina lies aching feet and months of practicing the same movement over and over again.

Behind the results of every top performer from every walk of life is massive effort and dedication. In short: the power that makes everything possible lies in discipline.

How do we teach children to practice such an important virtue as discipline in their lives?

You can't be disciplined if you don't have a clear goal. Even very small children - from the age of four - are able to set clear goals and achieve them. It might be assembling a Lego vehicle - e.g. without looking at the manual! This also has to be practiced very often until the child can master it. In order to support this process, we parents also have to be prepared: it takes a lot of patience and affection.

The effort should be seen as something beautiful. To do this, we need to help children to observe what a good feeling it creates when you make progress, learn something new and achieve your goals. This massively boosts self-confidence.

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