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Wie entstehen eigentlich unsere Produkte? - SCHMETTERLINE

How are our products actually made?

How are our products actually made?

It is a well-known fact that when you play music together, you can have a lot of fun and experience great moments together.

Did you know that many of our ideas for our products, songs and books come up when we use them, when we play and make music with our children and when we exchange ideas with them?

Some are an answer to children 's deep questions or an invitation to explore further.

Some arise simply while singing in the shower or while hiking in the middle of nature - exactly when we are really connected to nature.

That is exactly what we aim to do: to provide educational support in such a way that children can rediscover what they learn in nature and other areas of their lives - i.e. no fantasies or other science fiction. Just real things.

And that is also very important to us: to teach children what they themselves can grasp logically and experience again and again. Because that not only gives security, but also gives pleasure - pleasure in researching, discovering and learning new things.

One of these aspects is certainly the abundance that we can discover everywhere in nature.

By the way, one of our songs in the new song book is also about this:

"I know I am loved

and it's enough, because what there is

is in abundance -

I totally understood that!"

All the best,

Your educational team from SCHMETTERLINE


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