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Strengthening the willpower of children

Strengthening the willpower of children

Where there is a will, there's a way. Is that so? To what extent are children already able to strengthen or influence their own will?

There is probably no question that most children have a strong will for things they enjoy doing.

But what happens when it's about something that doesn't immediately trigger enthusiasm?

All parents are probably familiar with this situation: After a long walk, at some point the "inspiration" to continue walking is lost. What to do?

How do you deal with such situations?

What kind of suggestions can you think of? Do you think there are healthier and unhealthier (we don't just mean nutritionally, we mean mentally) incentives?

The unhealthier ones certainly include threats or scaremongering, whatever. Healthier ones can include goals (what you set out to do when you've made the journey) or anticipation of what you'll feel or experience when you've completed the effort.

You can certainly offer children better suggestions if you practice this with yourself.

Which incentives do you prefer to use?

All the best,

Your educational team from SCHMETTERLINE



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