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Defining the own goals

Defining the own goals

How can children develop skills they will need in adult life?

Defining your own goals and being able to achieve them is essential for a successful and fulfilling life.

Adults can help children make realistic plans for what they want to achieve in the near future and help them plan the steps necessary to reach those goals.

A nice exercise for this could be to paint this plan. Or with older children who can already write, write them down.

These goals don't have to be far away, they can also be smaller goals that are simply important to the child. For example, learning a certain skill that will then enable him/her to do something he/she has always wanted to do.

A daily reminder of these goals is also particularly important in order not to lose sight of the goals.

What do you think about that? Do you also think that children are able to define their own goals?

All the best,

Your team from Schmetterline


All the best,
Your team from Schmetterline


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