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Was hat das Spielen mit der Zukunft unserer Kinder zu tun? - SCHMETTERLINE

What does play have to do with the future of our children?

What does play have to do with the future of our children?

It's been proven that everything you do while gaming - a simple smile, a movement, a decision - leads to millions of new neural connections in the brain.

One could say that play is children's main occupation . Not only do they have fun, but they learn to understand the world around them. Because of this, everything children see, hear, hold and understand quickly becomes a game. Playing is the children's "acting confrontation" with their entire environment.

Game researchers assume that children up to the age of six have to play around seven to eight hours a day in order to develop healthily and in a balanced manner in all areas of competence – i.e. in the emotional, social, motor and cognitive areas.

At Schmetterline, we firmly believe that playing equals learning . That's why our goal is to promote the interaction of parents and children and the whole family through playful activities and educationally valuable support, so that each individual develops their own individuality through games and fun, recognizes their own shine and personal strength.

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