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Drumbeats and children's needs

Drumbeats and children's needs

What kid doesn't love banging on a drum full of energy?

Small children may then often hear: "Not so loud". But what is behind the drumbeat and the ability to beat a "publicity drum" for yourself?

Why do children feel the need to point themselves out and attract attention? Certainly those less who already get a lot of attention, but every child wants to "be seen", want to show and share their results and triumphs.

Depending on what meaning we give to "drumming," it can please us or annoy us.

Depending on how we think about it, we see this as something very necessary or as something disturbing.

Depending on what reasons we see in it, we give children the opportunity to practice this important skill or we inhibit it.

Most toddlers today are also growing up in a world full of confusing and rapidly changing impressions.

The design of the toy can promote or hinder a refined perception of one's own environment.

Toys with clear shapes let them see the essentials . From this secure base, they can gradually open up to the many and varied things.

At Schmetterline, we make sure that our toys are not only of high quality and educational, but also look really nice!

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