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Games for the car

Games for the car

Who doesn't like to go on vacation? Or are you traveling to break the routine of everyday life and spend some unforgettable moments with the people you care about most?

However, the initial enthusiasm is often over by the time you sit in the car for the first hour and the well-known question arises: "Mom, when will we be there?"

Who does not know her? Car rides or even plane trips can just seem very long and boring to children if they don't have the entertainment they are used to.

Of course, screens are a common tool for very long trips, which we certainly don't want to condemn here, although we think it's always nice to have alternatives - because today most people know how harmful excessive screen habits can be for people children are.

This is exactly why we have developed alternatives together with education and training experts that not only stimulate motor and cognitive skills in a playful way, but also support social and emotional skills.

The natural wooden threading game "KÄSELINO" is a great game for travelling, because it has no small parts that can be lost between seats, is small and small children can play with it for a long time.

The mouse eats its way through the cheese in all sorts of ways, has to free itself again and can then set off on new adventures!

We have thought of many game ideas for the game, which you can all find under game ideas on our website!

So that the car ride is not only fun but also safe, the cheese threading game has been certified for toddlers from the age of 2 and, for safety reasons, has a connecting part that prevents the risk of the cord being pinched off.

So the journey can begin!

We wish you lots of fun traveling and threading,

Annette and Vanessa from Schmetterline

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