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Game idea: number master

Game idea: number master


Age: From 5 years

What do you need? The number puzzle

How is it played?

Each child chooses one of the 10 numbers from the number puzzle and places it in front of them. All the rings are in a heap in the middle.

In the 1st round, each child takes exactly as many rings as their own number indicates, i.e. 5 rings in the case of a 5, in any color and places the rings around the number. After the children check each other whether the number is correct, the rings are put back.

In the 2nd round, each child again takes the number of rings indicated by their own number, but this time in exactly two colors of their choice, for example, with a 5, two red and three blue rings or 1 yellow and 4 green rings. After mutual checking, all rings are put back.

From the 3rd round, only numbers greater than 3 can be selected. If a child has the 1 or 2 as a number, they may switch them. Now the own number has to be surrounded by the corresponding number of rings in 3 colors. With a 5, for example, 2 red, 2 blue and 1 green ring.

The game can be continued at will, colors can also be specified.

The idea is that the children support each other and check their results independently and mutually.

What is funded?
Enthusiasm for learning, basic mathematical understanding, assignment of amounts and numbers, logical thinking

Have fun playing!
All the best,
Your team from Schmetterline

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