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Children employment at weddings

Children employment at weddings

Weddings are usually a celebration for adults. It is all the nicer for the children when there is also a great activity for them: activities that they enjoy and in which they can really live it up - creatively and lively!

Child employment at weddings

Painting, gluing, making music and dealing with natural and safe elements inspire children all by themselves and usually do not need much instruction.

In order to appeal to different age groups, activities are important that can be made complex or easy, in which children from the age of 3 can participate, but also children of 9 or 10 years can still have fun and take something with them.

To do this, children must be able to "do" something themselves, because trying it out, doing it yourself, i.e. experience, brings joy and a sense of achievement.

To enable children to have this experience, we present you with various ideas:

1) An idea with which we have had many good experiences - especially outside or in noise-insensitive, large rooms - is to make music with children: with rattles, drums, ratchets, glockenspiels, maracas, bell sticks, tambourines, sound bars and our own Body.

2) Another idea is handicrafts : Great works of art are created with wood, fabric, paper, wool, leaves or other natural elements, which children are very proud of and can then take home with them. What child doesn't like to take home a specially made giveaway as a souvenir?

Based on these considerations, two of our products are created, which we would like to introduce to you in this context:


1) Our 16-piece musical instrument set made of wood "Rainbow" with xylophone and song book, which not only offers many children the opportunity to create rhythms at the same time and together, but which can also be given away individually as gifts after the wedding or can be used as a complete set for another event or as a gift.

Children will never be bored with this and enthusiasm is inevitable!


2) Our lovingly developed Bastelino , which not only includes 12 beautiful beech wood figures, but also the necessary craft accessories so that you can start crafting straight away and no longer have to look for or buy wool and fabrics separately.

The complete package offers a great solution for parties and is often not only fun for the children ;)


We would be happy if you get to know the rhythm set or the handicraft - we have also thought about some game ideas, which you can find here finds.

All the best,

Yours, Annette from Schmetterline
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