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Children are inventors

Children are inventors

Children are natural inventors, creators, creators and always have new ideas. This creating space is not only beautiful for them, it is also extremely important for their development - on all levels. Socially, motorically, mentally and emotionally, children learn exactly what they are still missing, and they usually know best what this is.

From our point of view, the only important thing is that they have a suitable environment and natural elements at their disposal to live out this creativity.

This is exactly what our new Bastelino is for! The natural wooden figures can not only be painted, glued and decorated, but they are also true masters for any role play: knights, kings, princesses, farmers, neighbors, their own family, friends or other references or heroes that children can think of , can be embodied and spoken with it.

The wooden dolls from our Bastelino are often decorated and used as nativity figures for Christmas or as wedding figures (bride, groom, etc.).

Another suggestion from our mothers and teachers is to offer the wooden figures as a healthy and natural activity for children at birthdays, weddings or other family celebrations. Because children can do so well without screens and inspire and develop!

All the best,

Your team from Schmetterline

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