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Kreativität entsteht beim freien Spielen - SCHMETTERLINE

Creativity comes from free play

Creativity comes from free play

Children are probably naturally creative, the best ideas arise in their heads when they are simply free to play.

Great ideas often come up: "Mom, I want to make an astronaut" or "Dad, can you give me something to make a knight out of?"

How often has it happened that we don't have the right utensils for Huase - and cutting up the sofa cushion because it's made of the right fabric is somehow not an option either!

It is precisely from this need that our new handicraft set is created: The Bastelino. The not only contains beautiful and untreated beech wood figures, but even thick and solid cotton fabrics and wool for crafting, cutting, gluing and decorating.

And last but not least, the handicraft set supports the existing inclination to creativity and offers natural materials to live out this creativity - without "locking it in" in strict specifications.

All the best,

Your team from Schmetterline


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