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Neues Zahlenpuzzle "Regenbogen-Zahlenwelt" - SCHMETTERLINE

New number puzzle "Rainbow World of Numbers"

New number puzzle "Rainbow World of Numbers"

There is something that accompanies us from an early age and that the human brain constantly wants to find out: logical connections!

Whether it's doubling an item or dividing it, or matching shapes and outlines, or combining numbers and amounts.

Numbers and mathematical relationships have always attracted people and most of the time it is enough to slightly support this natural inclination by offering colorful and child-friendly aids that support this in a playful way. Because children enjoy learning and they should keep it!

New product from Schmetterline  

New number puzzle from Schmetterline

With our new number puzzle "Rainbow World of Numbers" children can implement and try out an infinite number of game ideas.

Depending on their age, toddlers play with shapes and colors, which they assign, and elementary school students do arithmetic - adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing, with the colored rings providing support and making quantities tangible.

Not only the basic mathematical understanding can be playfully promoted with this number puzzle, but also the fine motor skills, concentration and the interaction of both halves of the brain is playfully stimulated by logic and creativity.



Why this game encourages logical thinking

The intuitively improvising right brain hemisphere discovers new connections and play possibilities, while the analytically rational left brain hemisphere deals with quantities, numbers and the assignment of shapes to their outlines, whereby both brain hemispheres become active in a playful way.

This is exactly what is promoted by our number wooden puzzle and it supports the logical and mathematical basic development as an important part of the holistic development of our children.

Recognizing logical connections is undoubtedly one of the activities that not only promote motor skills and analytically stimulating, but also have an integrative effect and are simply a lot of fun!

Who can't get excited about the fact that their own children or those close to them discover new connections while playing and have a lot of fun doing it?


All the best,
Your team from Schmetterline 



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