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New wooden puzzle "TETRALINO"

New wooden puzzle "TETRALINO"

We are very happy to introduce our new game: the TETRALINO!

Who doesn't know what is probably the most famous computer game in the world, "Tetris"?

Tetris was the inspiration for our wooden puzzle TETRALINO. This is a puzzle that is solved when there is no empty space on the included game board. But beyond that, an infinite number of creations are possible with these puzzle pieces, which fit together in all directions, be it 2D or 3D, in your own creations or inspired by the game ideas and shapes in the accompanying booklet.



Logic, the combination of shapes and spatial imagination are trained in a playful way with the Tetralino - and it's usually not just little logicians who have fun ;)

The great, 100% plastic-free double set with 88 puzzle pieces made of solid wood is now available on our webshop and on Amazon!

For more information about the Tetralino you can click here .

How do you like it? We always welcome questions and feedback!

All the best,
Your Schmetterline team

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