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Die größte Kunst bei der Erziehung - SCHMETTERLINE

The greatest art in education

The greatest art in education

Children bring with them everything they need to grow!

What children can do so naturally and do all the time, we adults sometimes have to "learn" again first: to learn by playing. Find out, investigate, explore, try, test, question while having the greatest fun and don't let go until it's clear.

This is children's most important job - and their natural urge to constantly find out new things only needs maintenance, usually no encouragement.

Why is this natural urge sometimes curbed? Too much time in front of screens or other unnatural images definitely contributes to this.

At Schmetterline, we are convinced that children already have everything they need to learn and grow constantly and steadily. What an honor to be able to accompany them!
All the best,
Your team from Schmetterline 

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