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"Hilf mir, es allein zu tun!" - SCHMETTERLINE

"Help me do it alone!"

"Help me do it alone!"

"Help me do it alone!" - this request became the leitmotif for the entire educational concept of Maria Montessori.

According to Montessori, the adult should take on the role of a learning observer and learning companion. This includes a lot of respect and trust towards the child.

But how do we, as parents, manage to be cautious and trusting in helping our children to develop self-confidence?

Certainly you have to work on the inner attitude towards mistakes and learning. And you have to have a lot of patience!

Best of all, such changes are not only good for the child, but also for us as human beings. :)

What do you think about that?

All the best,
Your team from Schmetterline 

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