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Wie können Kinder lernen, im Gleichgewicht zu bleiben? - SCHMETTERLINE

How can children learn to stay balanced?

How can children learn to stay balanced?

I often ask myself: How do I manage to keep my balance in order to be a role model for my children that I want them to emulate - because children are known to imitate what they see more than what what to tell them.
It's often not that easy between work, everyday life, household and activities, after all, you also want to set an example of punctuality, order, patience and other important values.
When it's one of those days when everything comes together, time is running out and you just have to weigh up what's more important: Is it to stay balanced and maybe be too late or to push everything and everyone and shut it hurry up so that you can at least somehow get there on time?
How do you decide?
I can't say in general whether I'm noticing more and more that it's more and more important to me that my children learn from me, that you learn the most in the moments when something is difficult for you.
For example: If I find it extremely difficult in a situation (often in traffic when it's busy) to remain patient and balanced - then that's exactly what I should do. Because that's what challenges me the most. More than concentrating at that moment on something that is already given (which has already happened in the preparation at home).
I also sometimes tell my children if it's child-friendly that something is very difficult for me, or I'm "struggling not to lose patience" and sometimes they even have tips or ideas that really help. I'm not telling them this because of their ideas, but so they can see that I'm not perfect as an adult either and that I'm constantly learning and striving for it.
Of course, for me it's also part of it not to get upset or rude about it, but also not to lose my good mood (easier said than done!!)
How do you deal with such situations? Do you know something like that too?
We're always happy to hear from you!
All the best,
Yours, Annette from Schmetterline

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