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Wie kann man mit Kindern die Woche planen? - SCHMETTERLINE

How to plan the week with children?

How to plan the week with children?

Hello moms! Do you also have difficulties planning the week with your children? Do you always have to negotiate with them when they can watch TV or play with the tablet?

We know that! To solve this problem, we have developed a great idea that we would like to share with you: This DIY weekly calendar!

Because it is a visual calendar, it can be used by very young children from the age of three. The child quickly learns to recognize which day of the week and which activities are planned for that time. Another great benefit is that this calendar helps us mothers to control and regulate the use of screens. The more the children are involved in the planning, the more likely they are to accept the new rules.

We have found that this calendar is a great help and works very well. The children have improved their sense of time and their ability to plan, and they no longer ask to watch TV when they are bored because they understand that it is not the right time.

Since this idea was so good, we decided to share it with you. Under this link you will find the step-by-step explanation and the downloadable file with all calendar images!

We hope you like the idea. Feel free to tell us about it: How was the experience?

All the best,

Vanessa and Annette from Schmetterline

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