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Wenn Frustrationen nützlich sind - SCHMETTERLINE

When frustrations are useful

When frustrations are useful

Children usually have 1000 ideas on how to play and try something.

But what if we as adults are not in the same mood, have a lot to do and cannot or do not want to follow every idea with the same enthusiasm?

Should we feel bad about it or like a "bad mother or father"?

Not at all. Not only is this legitimate and just plain normal, but it is part of the experience that makes children stronger.

Because it leads to so-called "resilience". Overcome frustrations, get back up and play. Whether mum or dad motivates them and thinks everything is great.

This is exactly what children need too. Maybe not exclusively, but the mix makes the difference.

This way they are much better prepared if later - which is almost inevitable - they are repelled or rejected.

Strong kids like that. It also means they can master strong experiences.

I wish you a wonderful December day,
Annette from Schmetterline

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