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Die Eindrücke der Kindheit wurzeln am tiefsten - SCHMETTERLINE

The impressions of childhood have the deepest roots

The impressions of childhood have the deepest roots

Today it is no longer a secret that a child's brain absorbs the most before it is about 7 years old and that these impressions and "programs" are present and repeated throughout life - of course then unconsciously
What does this mean for us as parents and educators? Are we aware of the great importance of this phase? And the importance of what children of this age experience, see, hear and are shown?
Also to make it clear that it is certainly not about feeling "guilty" because you once showed your child something that wasn't so great, but on the contrary: to feel this incentive every day and to ask yourself what you can do for yourself can do differently.
An example could be seeing your own life more as a game.
Have you tried this before? Without neglecting the important things, simply experiencing a lot with more laughter, joy, a little more playfully, without taking everything too seriously and, above all, laughing at yourself more and more often. Just get out loud.
That helps me a lot.
What helps you?
All the best,
Yours, Annette from Schmetterline

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