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Sprache und Kommunikation: Was Kinder daraus lernen können - SCHMETTERLINE

Language and communication: what children can learn from it

Language and communication: what children can learn from it

"Where language ends, music begins" (ETA Hoffmann). What do we mean by that?

Language has its limitations, especially when you're just learning to speak and need to expand your vocabulary on a daily basis - as children often do.

Through music, children can learn to develop a better sense of communication: everything that goes beyond the words spoken. Music often expresses what is between the lines. How does the other person actually feel? What is he trying to tell me? What does his voice, his facial expression, his body language tell me? Does he talk slow or fast? Is he scared, is he brave, can I trust him?

In addition, through music, children can learn to recognize, influence and communicate their own thoughts and emotions.

Musical expression goes further than the sung lyrics and in the combination of volume, melody, rhythm and choice of instruments finds an infinite world of possibilities for self-expression.

What do you think about that?

All the best,

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