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Children imitate everything

Children imitate everything

As parents, we are role models. How many times have we heard that. Or?

It usually only becomes clear when you rediscover some of the (usually bad) habits in your own children. It doesn't matter whether it's biting your nails, exaggerating, being shy or being untidy - the moment you recognize this in your own child, it hits you: I'm actually being imitated - no matter what I say!

Luckily, it's also the good qualities that imitate us, because that's also important to see.

Sometimes a guilty conscience can arise: What a bad mother/father I am! And at the same time we are not perfect - like all people.

Our children will always see a part of us that they can and can continue to work on themselves - with the emphasis on "can", because they are actually able to do so. They have the ability to improve what they see, whatever is wrong, no matter how hard we try as parents.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the daily effort to reflect on yourself, to ask yourself what you can do better, doesn't pay off. It certainly does, because above all this attitude towards life - namely always being able to learn, even when you are an adult - is what the children also learn from.

And that is exactly what helps them to continue with themselves in this beautiful work every day.

What do you think about that?

All the best,
Vanessa and Annette from SCHMETTERLINE

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