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Everyone has something different

Everyone has something different

Some children are more comfortable with numbers, others less so.
What do you do when you want to teach numbers to a child who isn't particularly interested in numbers?
We have this situation at home. One of my children is not particularly attracted to numbers.
At least not when they appear on paper in boring invoices.
And now?
At some point I realized that observation and creativity were required here.
What does this kid enjoy?
What is it passionate about?
With these "glasses" (the learning mom who wants to find out something new), it wasn't that difficult to find out: This kid loves sales!
It wasn't that difficult to gradually incorporate numbers when selling.
And meanwhile we are at least so far that numbers no longer cause groaning.
After all!
And the rings from the number puzzle are now also sold ;)
Yours, Annette from Schmetterline

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