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Ein Bild, das uns mit Freude erfüllt - SCHMETTERLINE

A picture that fills us with joy

A picture that fills us with joy

A picture like this fills us with joy and gratitude.

It is wonderful to see how the educational games from Schmetterline are allowed to accompany needy children in Kenya while playing and learning!

Children in Kenya play with the number puzzle from Schmetterline

Such a great opportunity is created by special people like Mrs. Vonwald who founded the Harambee charity in Kenya. Harambee enables children from the poorest backgrounds to attend a school built as part of this project. They also help families to help themselves and lead a decent life.

Recently Mrs Vonwald contacted us to get some of our educational games for her school in Kenya. This is how we became aware of this project and were very happy to support the educators in Kenya in supporting these children a little bit with our products.

Today Ms. Vonwald sent us beautiful pictures and allowed us to use them. We would like to take this opportunity to tell other people about this great project.

You can find out more about Harambee and donation options at www.harambee.at or on the Instagram page @harambee_at . We would also like to cooperate with Harambee and make even more children's eyes light up!

All the best,

Annette and Vanessa from Schmetterline


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