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Die Schule und die Herausforderungen von heute - SCHMETTERLINE

The school and the challenges of today

The school and the challenges of today

What is interesting about this critical quote about Maria Montessori's school is that it was spoken before 1950, but seems more relevant today than perhaps ever before.

When healthy children have to go to school with face masks, have to keep their distance from their classmates, who used to be able to hug them every day, and are asked to take tests even when there are no symptoms - all this contributes to a healthy and questioning criticism of the old for many system that adapts more slowly as the demands of today's world evolve.

Questioning what doesn't seem logical to us (although most simply accept it) is a fundamental skill that children learn and use to become free thinkers themselves.

What do you think about that?

Yours, Annette and Vanessa from Schmetterline

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