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Die Rolle der Umgebung bei der Kindlichen Entwicklung - SCHMETTERLINE

The role of the environment in child development

The role of the environment in child development

What role does the environment play in child development?

"The role of the environment is not to shape the child, but to allow it to express itself." Maria Montessori

For the doctor, reform educator and philosopher Maria Montessori, the maximum promotion of the individuality of each child was the focus of the learning process.

According to the Montessori concept, children should therefore have plenty of time to make independent experiences until they see through a process. The environment plays a very important role in this, because it should constantly stimulate children to make experiences and learn.

Especially in the first years of life, parents are challenged in their role as educators, because they are the link between the prepared environment and the child.

Already in infancy, parents can support the development of the child by the targeted selection of materials and learning games, as well as by preparing small tasks.

When developing our educational toys, we also take into account the basic principles of Montessori pedagogy, because we also think that children can discover the world and develop their own individuality through play.


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