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Math Domino Bundle: Learn math with fun - The multiplication tables and plus & minus up to 20

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What's better than one Mathemino? Two Matheminos!

Order a bundle with two Mathemino sets (for multiplication and plus&minus up to 20) and get a discount!

🔢 CALCULATION UP TO 20 AND SMALL MULTIPLICATIONS TABLES IN THE GAME: The math domino "Mathemino" Plus/Minus and Multiplication are fun games for learning arithmetic in the 1st grade or from 6 years of age.

➕ ➖ LEARN TO CALCULATE IN A PLAYFUL WAY: Learn mental arithmetic up to 20 and the multiplication tables with enthusiasm thanks to this math game for class 1. Mathematics can be really fun!

💚 NATURAL DOMINOES: The domino game made of natural beech wood can not only be used as a math game (for class 1), but also brings a lot of fun when laying, stacking, setting up, balancing and building!

 GREAT GAME TO BRING ALONG OR GIFT: This high-quality wooden maths learning game is particularly popular as a souvenir or gift so that everyone can start calculating together. All dominoes can then be stored in the cotton bag provided!

🚸 CHILD SAFE AND TESTED: The numbers game exceeds the safety regulations according to DIN EN 71 & ASTM/CPSIA - because playing must also be safe!

✨ FREE MATH TEMPLATES: When you purchase this Mathemino set you will receive by email 24 Free math templates to download!

  • Do you want to download the templates now? Click here!

THIS GAME IS ENDLESS: Get to know Schmetterline's ENDLESS sustainability model! Click here for more information

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Technical data:

    • Contents: Two math domino sets with 37 dominoes each and 1 cotton bag
    • Materials: beech wood, cotton