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Book "Willis Colors"

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Decide for yourself: A true "Superpower"!

Willi is a child and like all children he loves to play and discover new things.

The other day he observed something really great: he can have many colors! The colors express his emotions. When he's sad, he turns blue; when he feels happy, he turns yellow; when he is afraid he turns green, and when he is brave he turns purple; when excited, it glows orange, and when angry, it turns red.

In the evening Willi lies in bed. Only the night light is on. Suddenly he hears an unfamiliar noise outside. What is that? Willi doesn't know.

And now? How should Willi feel? Anxious or still brave? Both are possible. Now the child can decide how the story continues!

With the help of Willi's story, they should be able to observe how everyone is able to change their own day through their decisions.

The reading book encourages you to observe the consequences of our decisions in your own life in a playful way, because the story continues differently depending on the children's choices!


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