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"Käselino" - Wooden threading game with cheese and mouse - montessori motor skills toy for children from 2 years made of natural beech wood

  • 💚 NATURAL BEECH WOOD: The natural threading game consists of unpainted and high-quality processed beech wood from sustainable forestry and a threading cord made of 100% cotton.
  • 👐🏻 DEVELOPMENT OF MOTOR SKILLS ACCORDING TO MONTESSORI: With this Montessori wooden cheese toy, gross and fine motor skills are playfully stimulated, hand-eye coordination is trained and age-appropriate concentration is promoted! Our cheese threading game has been developed and tested for children from the age of 2!
  • 💙 CHILD SAFE AND TESTED: The threading cord is made of pure cotton and can be detached for safety, because playing must also be safe! The threading game exceeds the current European safety regulations for toys!
  • 🚗 MEANINGFUL ACTIVITY WHILE TRAVELLING: Early learning is child's play with this educational product. Toddlers can spend hours busy with the wooden cheese. An ideal toy for car rides!
  • 💡 WITH GAME IDEAS: We at Schmetterline have come up with great game ideas for Käselino. Check out our game ideas page!
  • 🎁 BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX: The high-quality, plastic-free gift packaging not only looks beautiful, but also contains other game ideas for using the threading cheese!

  • ✅ THIS GAME IS ENDLESS: Learn about Schmetterline's ENDLESS sustainability model! 

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