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"Fädelino" - Threading game made of wood - threading game for children from 3 years - developing motor skills according to Montessori

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💚 MADE FROM 100% BEECH WOOD AND COTTON: The threading game contains 20 colourful, large wooden beads and 4 wood-reinforced cotton threading cords for endless combinations. The threading game includes a cotton bag for storing all the pieces!
DEVELOP MOTOR SKILLS ACCORDING TO MONTESSORI: The wooden stringing game in rainbow colors playfully promotes gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and age-appropriate concentration!
🌈 COMBINE COLORS, NUMBERS AND QUANTITIES PLAYFULLY: Whether threading, stacking or laying: With the Fädelino, fun is guaranteed when learning numbers and quantities! The large wooden beads promote the logical basic understanding in the game!
✨ GREAT GIFT AND 100% PLASTIC-FREE: The threading game set is a great idea for learning numbers in a playful way and a wonderful, plastic-free gift and souvenir for girls and boys!

🚸 DEVELOPED AND RESPONSIBLE IN GERMANY: Threading should not only be fun, but also be completely safe - as a German company, we ensure this with all certifications and quality inspections!

✨ FREE THREADING TEMPLATES: When you buy the threading game, you will receive 17 free threading templates to download by email!

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  • ✅ THIS GAME IS ENDLESS: Learn about Schmetterline's ENDLESS sustainability model! 
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