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Book "Willie's Magic Glasses"

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Can children learn about emotions and mindset at a very early age? Yes, in any case! This is what Willie's story is intended for.

Willie is a child who experiences the same things as all children every day: playing, learning, building towers, going to bed... But depending on how he feels, he sees things very differently.

When he's happy, he finds everything so beautiful - even the rain! When he's feeling brave, he tries lots of new things, and when he's excited, he doesn't mind if something doesn't work out the way he wanted - for example, if his tower keeps falling over.

But on the other hand, when he's sad, he thinks everything is so... dumb - no matter if it's a beautiful day outside. When he's scared, everything suddenly looks so dangerous and unsafe! And when he's angry, suddenly everything just annoys him.

It's almost like he's wearing magic glasses...

A sequel to the book "Willie's Colors", this story shows how children can choose how they want to see the world and how this also affects how they feel.

It's actually much better than magic glasses: it's a real superpower! The superpower to make your own decisions.

"Willie's Magic Glasses" provides wonderful reading and learning moments with children!

Language: English