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"Bastelino" - DIY Handicraft Set - Wooden doll set with high-quality handicraft acessories included

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  • CRAFTING ACCESSORIES IN THE SET: 4 high-quality cotton fabrics (yellow, green, blue and red) and 4 balls of wool (brown, yellow, red and black) are included in the wooden doll set for crafting, gluing, painting and decorating - so you can start crafting straight away.

  • ✂️ 48 FREE CRAFT TEMPLATES TO PRINT: When you buy the Bastelino you will receive 48 great craft templates for the following figures and topics:
    • Easter bunny
    • King and queen
    • nativity figures
    • ladybug
    • butterfly
    • bee
    • garden gnome
    • fairy
    • family
  • Would you like to download the craft templates now? click here !

  • SUSTAINABLE & CAREFULLY PROCESSED BEECH WOOD: The lovingly developed and carefully processed natural wooden figures are responsibly made from beech wood from sustainable forestry.
  • WITH GAME IDEAS: We at Schmetterline have come up with great game ideas for the Bastelino. Check out our game ideas page!
  • BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS: whether for a birthday, as an activity for children at weddings, as an Easter bunny or for a craft afternoon - these wooden play figures for painting, crafting and decorating meet quality and safety expectations.
  • DEVELOPED AND RESPONSIBILITY IN GERMANY: Children's handicrafts should not only be fun, but also be completely safe - as a German company we ensure this with all certifications and quality inspections!
  • CERTIFIED AND POLLUTANT-FREE: The wooden figure set has been comprehensively tested and considered child-safe according to European and German standards - for safe and trouble-free children's handicrafts!

  • ✅ THIS GAME IS ENDLESS: Learn about Schmetterline's ENDLESS sustainability model! 
  • Delivery time:
    • Within Germany: 2-4 days
    • Other European countries: 5-10 days