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Wild Mathemino Ride

Age: from 6 years

Players: 2-4 children

What do you need? The Mathemino

How is it played? 

All stones are face down in the middle. The youngest player starts and draws any stone and places it face up in front of him. The next player draws the next stone and - if he cannot place it with the first player, he also places it in front of himself. As soon as a player draws a piece that he can place next to a piece in front of another player, he may do so. Stones that have already been discarded (whether in front of you or another player) may only be moved again when all stones have been uncovered. After all the stones have been uncovered, a wild domino ride begins: because now everyone can try to get rid of the individual stones that have not yet been placed anywhere as quickly as possible. Stones that have already been placed may not be moved. The player who has the fewest individual stones in front of them wins.

What is funded? Basic mathematical calculations, Social skills