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About us

For a happy childhood

Most parents think a lot about what is best for their children - so do we. This is how Schmetterline came about!

Why "Schmetterline"?

"Schmetterline" is a combination of "Schmetterling" (butterfly in German) and "online".

For us, the butterfly symbolizes colorful lightness, natural transformation and development.

It is an image and symbol from nature that expresses the joy of learning and developing, love of life and nature, and enthusiasm for the essential things in life.

Everything that children naturally carry and at the same time what we want to promote with our online brand!

Schmetterline stands for joy in playing, learning and giving.

Learning is fun

Children love to play - and they learn while playing!
As mums, the most important thing for us is that children have joy and fun. This makes learning much easier.

As a toy brand, we want to help parents and educators to give children wonderful moments of play and also encourage them through play.
Our toys therefore specifically support some of the children's skills that they need for a happy future.

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Giving is fun

The joy of giving comes naturally when children see that without sacrificing much, they can bring great joy to others who have less opportunity than they do.

To promote this, we have developed our sustainability project "ENDLESS" . All Schmetterline toys that are no longer used can be redeemed for a new one. The used toys are donated to needy children!

To the ENDLESS model

Excellent value for money

Our products undergo strict controls by our quality department and exceed European toy safety standards .

In addition, we want to sell our toys at a price that almost everyone can afford. That is and remains a challenge!

But it has already paid off. Schmetterline has already been awarded several times for the best price-performance ratio !

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Love for nature and real sustainability

The love of nature is important to us. That's why we develop our toys exclusively with natural materials such as wood, cotton and paper - all completely plastic-free!

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Who is behind Schmetterline?

Schmetterline came from a long-standing friendship and a heartfelt wish of two mothers,
to contribute to the fact that many children play and learn happily.

Hello, I'm Annette! I was born in Stuttgart and am the mother of two children.

As a child, I was already interested in how things are created and transformed, and that's how I eventually became a mechanical engineer. As a strategy consultant - first through The Boston Consulting Group, later in my own company - I traveled to many places in the world and got to know various social children's projects that inspired me.

Out of the heart's desire that as many children as possible experience a happy childhood that prepares them well for their future, Schmetterline and also the ENDLESS project by Schmetterline were created!

Hello, I'm Vanessa! I'm originally from Brazil and I'm a mom to two boys.

I experienced a happy childhood, with a lot of contact with nature and a lot of freedom to explore and discover, which has deeply shaped me as a person.

After many years of working in technology and knowledge management, I became a mom, and then everything changed! Finally, I decided to become self-employed and to support child development because I became more aware of how important this phase of life is.

I feel a deep need to contribute to a better world for all children!

If you have any questions, we can be reached quickly and daily.