Game idea: Funny bowling

Age: From 4 years

Player: From 1 child

What do you need?

Your Bastelino and a chestnut, a small ball or a marble per child

How is it played?

Arrange 10 of the 12 wooden figures in a triangle: the longest side has 4 figures, then 3, then 2 and finally the top with a figure.

Then stand at a distance of about 2 meters in front of the wooden figures and one child after the other throws their ball, marble or chestnut into the wooden figure triangle. You probably move the wooden figures to other places.

After each throw, each child retrieves their throwing element and throws again when it is their turn. After 3 throws, the game is stopped and all children stand close to the wooden figures.

What shape, pattern or image can you see in it now?

What is promoted?

Creativity, motor skills, hand-eye coordination