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Game idea: How long is 5 minutes?

Age: From 6 years

Players: From 1 child

What do you need?
Your Tetralino wooden puzzle and a clock, preferably a 5-minute hourglass or a stopwatch.

How is it played?
Dealing with time pressure in a relaxed manner - which you often have to do in life - you learn through practice and playing with it. So solve a whole Tetralino board in less than 5 minutes! You can use any parts the first time. Once you've done that, try again, but only with 40 original Tetralino board pieces (5 pieces in each of the 8 colors). When you've done that, try to solve the whole Tetralino again in 4 minutes! Who will become a Tetralino master?

What is promoted? 
Healthy handling of time pressure, spatial imagination, self-confidence